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Our solutions are designed and engineered to support a wide range of different uses for investment professionals, regardless of their role or organization.
Combine them freely with each other and with third-party apps and service providers.

Wealth platform for banks

A scalable platform for Advisors and RMs to deliver high-quality, personalized, and differentiated advice for all clients.

Our wealth platform is an advanced digital workspace intended for Advisors and RMs. It streamlines the investment process end-to-end and gathers all the data for clients, portfolios, products, bank views, recommendations, markets, and risks in one place.

The platform makes it possible to efficiently generate investment proposals that align with client goals and preferences, bank views, and regulatory requirements, containing all the necessary information, including pre-trade analysis.

Banks use Evooq's wealth platform to gain efficiency, reduce operational costs and risk, and provide highly personalized investment services to a broader range of clients with scale.

With Edgelab's Risk engine embedded, the Wealth platform gives Advisors an in-depth understanding of the risks and exposures of the portfolio. It assesses the impact of any portfolio simulations before it gets proposed to investors or implemented.

Risk engine

An engine providing insightful and robust risk analytics of any portfolio and product, including complex ones of all asset classes.

The risk engine of Edgelab helps investment professionals deeply understand the risk of their investments, make more informed decisions, and explain it more confidently to investors.

Users can understand the risk of instruments and portfolios robustly across all asset classes, including the most complex ones. Our engine enables performing several on-the-fly simulations, including what-ifs, and making pre- and post-trade checks (e.g., suitability).

Unlike other solutions, Edgelab captures the true nature of products. Its risk engine accurately assesses the risk of any instrument, including complex ones, and captures all their impact on investor's portfolios.

Products platform

A workspace for managing, monitoring, and trading products, in particular Structured Products with our Elus multi-issuer platform.

The products platform is an integrated portal where Product teams, CIOs, Portfolio Managers, Advisors, or Relationship Managers manage and leverage an entire product offering.

A flexible shelf allows managing efficiently the product palette offered to investors across asset classes and their associated recommendations and views.

Our Elus multi-issuer platform makes the pricing and trading of Structured Products efficient and enjoyable while obtaining competitive prices, fulfilling regulatory requirements, and proactively monitoring them post-trade.

Portfolio construction engine

A flexible engine to construct portfolios at asset class and product level based on the Bank's insights and the Client's preferences.

Wealth platform for IAMs

A comprehensive platform that consolidates all tasks and portfolio data in one place.

Engagement platform

A prospecting and client onboarding platform to capture clients' profile, goals, and preferences and to propose tailored investment solutions scalable for all client segments.

Strategies platform

A platform for CIO and asset managers to make strategic and tactical decisions on asset allocations.

Goal-Based engine

An engine to help define clients' goals, build an allocation to reach them, and monitor them.

Key differentiators and strengths of our solutions

Ecosystem, not silos

Our tools are integrated to work well together and with third-party app providers, forming a unified ecosystem.

Build for wealth

From inception, our solutions cater to wealth management, supporting the entire value chain and providing value to investment professionals.

Unique use case

Leverage our ecosystem for new valuable use cases. Seamless tool integration, data flow, and collaboration with issuers or research providers redefine possibilities.


Most of our software resides in the cloud, ensuring efficient accessibility with minimal on-premise installation.

Swift integration

A single code base enables rapid configuration by activating required features and enhancing adaptability to client needs.

Accelerated ROI

Our solutions yield faster implementation and ROI, with no added costs for maintenance or future updates.

Advanced intelligence

Our proprietary approach accurately gauges investment risk. Machine learning powers product scoring and smart investment suggestions.

Built-in compliance

Adhere to MiFID II, FIDLEG, HKMA, and MAS with ease. Ensure suitability and structured product execution while combating money laundering.

Effortless reporting

Automated compliance checks ease the operational load. Audit trails and regulatory reporting data are readily available via our tools.

Exemplary combinations

Below are examples of how clients typically combine our tools. These combinations provide a starting point for various use cases you can configure further based on your own needs.

Design of Structured products in a portfolio context

Wealth platform
Products platform
Risk engine

End-to-end automation for Structured products

Products platform
Risk engine

Automated targeting of investment advice and products

Wealth platform
Products platform
Portfolio construction engine
Risk engine

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